Stitched & Co

About Ev,

I started sewing when I was very little as my mother had a craft stall at the markets and then a haberdashery store. My father taught me to sew and I started off on an old hand-crank machine and a treadle machine. I took a break from sewing as my kids were growing up as they would "help" me and unpin my work when they were little, and life got in the way. I refound my passion for sewing while recuperating from an operation and 'Stitched With Love by Ev' was started. When that started to take off I was looking for outlet to sell my goods, but I wasn't having a lot of luck. I took a gamble and decided I would open my own store where I could not only sell my own products, but I could also provide an outlet for others in the same situation.

Our Vendors

I sew to relax and unwind. I make a large range of items including patchwork quilts. I try to upcycle fabrics and trims from years gone by into my work as much as possible.
Schmancy Pants Designs produces Personalised Baby Blankets, Birth Blankets, towel sets, tutu's. Burp cloths and Bibs. Proudly produced in Tasmania!